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We offer wall space to local artists who might be interested in showing their work for up to two months. Both professional artists and those who pursue art or photography as a hobby are encouraged to show their work. The walls above our first floor lounge area are equipped with moldings and a zippered-hook cord system for easy hanging of up to 8 pieces. Additional display space is available over the bookshelves. The glass display space in our foyer is available for showcasing smaller 3D artwork and interesting collections. Art shows are promoted via our social media channels. Contact the library to make arrangements to show your work. 

September 2022 Display

 Where has all the Penmanship gone? This September, the foyer display case will feature a presentation on penmanship from local artist and calligrapher, Christopher Carfaro.Chris will be sharing hand scripted envelopes, letters, notes and artwork from years as a professional calligrapher. Most notably, every year Chris and hundreds of other members of the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting - IAMPETH -, participate in an envelope exchange. Gorgeous works of art, acting in their utility function of addressed mail, travel around the world. This is to the delight of the artist who created it, the person receiving it as well as a gift to the postal carriers who handle them.Handwriting is alive and well but not so common a sight in our digital world. A visit to the display case in the foyer of the library will harken back to a more personal time of correspondence. It also serves as a reminder that this once normal way of writing - now considered an ‘art’ is far from gone and in fact is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and use.