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Laughter Yoga

Posted Friday, September 9, 2022
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Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise where we laugh without relying on jokes, comedy, or humor. It works with the scientifically proven fact that your brain and body can’t tell the difference between real or fake laughter. The class and the exercises focus on creating a body-mind connection vs a mind-body connection. This means that no matter what mental or emotional state we are in, we can still reap the benefits of laughter. Some benefits from laughter yoga are a release of endorphins, increased oxygen levels to your brain and body, anxiety and stress relief, pain relief, and more! The class will be 30-40 minutes of laughter exercises and 10-15 minutes of guided meditation.

We recommend bringing water and something comfortable to lie on for meditation. All ages! Adults, teens, families all welcome. No registration required—just show up!

Instructor Barbara Molina is a certified laughter yoga leader and has been teaching for seven years. She started teaching when she was 16 years old in Los Angeles. She is currently working with VYCC and will return to Los Angeles later this fall. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience one of her classes before she leaves!